Hull-Set for Titanic in 1/144
made by Dan Reed / USA

The hull shows all the details like the steel plates, portholes, doors and many more. Everything fits 100% to the HAHN'S TITANIC PLANS.

The wall thickness of the hull is thick enough to make it very stiff and stable. No inner frames are required, so there is plenty space inside for radio control, electric or steam engines and big batteries. With a total required weight of 20 - 25 kg (44-55 lbs.) to bring the hull to the waterline, big and heavy batteries can be used and many extra functions can be realized.

Price: US$ 500.00 plus S&H


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The following pictures show the positive mold of the hull during it's construction. For the steel plates, Dan used a special aluminum tape. The first picture shows the mold in comparision to the MINICRAFT hull, which is in the scale 1:350.

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(Note, these pictures do not show the fiber glass hull, they show the positiv mold or master!)