The CNC-Wooden-Deck-Set in 1/144
for the Titanic semi-kit

made by Robert Hahn / Germany  

The latest invention for the Titanic semi kit is the CNC Wooden  Deck Set. This set consists of all wooden decks of Titanic showing all planks drawn on real wood veneer. The decks are made of wood and the planks are printed on the decks with different shades of paint. This gives a very realistic look of different planks.


The wide of the planks is to scale. Beside the planks all frames around the deck houses and the ventilators are shown as well as other details. The decks have a thickness of 0.5 mm and need therefore “steel” decks to be glued on. They are not for static use, only for decoration. Like on the real ship!




The decks have to be cut out with a sharp knife or scissors. With a thin layer of paper behind, the wood is very flexible and not brittle and can be easily glued to the static decks.

Finally you should apply a coat of flat clear paint to protect the ink from water. This is specially needed when you model should be radio controlled.



Just one note, if you think you can do all the planking on your own. If you do so, you will have to lay down more as 10.000 planks on your own with over 1.000 custom-cut perimeter boards to meet the scale. And the result will not look better even if you are a very skilled modeler.

Price: € 410.00 plus S&H
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