Price List & Postage Rates for Plans and Prints

The following versions are offered:

CAD Plans Lite

CAD Plans Standard


GA Plans

The following table show the prices in dependence of version and scale:

NOTE All prices are in EURO

Scale / Version




€ 50.00

€ 175.00


€ 70.00

€ 200.00



€ 85.00



€ 55.00

Bruce Beveridge’s GA plans in 1:350

€ 50.00

Any other scales on special request are possible.

*This plan is specially designed for those who want to super detail their MINICRAFT Titanic kit and misses the frame set in the plan, but some details are drawn in double size

Use the following tables for "Shipping and Handling" or postage rates:

With the higher rates the plans are track able but without full insurance. If you want full insurance, please ask for appropriate rates.


Due to the Corona-Crisis (COVID-19), prices for the shipping costs may vary depending of the destination, because DHL increased prices significantly. Please ask for the right price by email.

  For European Customers

Airmail (4 - 5 days)

non trackable and without insurance

 trackable and with insurance

all plans and the colorization


€ 19,00

For Overseas Customers (other then European)

Airmail (7 - 21 days)

non trackable and without insurance

trackable and with insurance

all plans and the colorization


€ 40 up to € 48 please ask for rate


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